Optical Transport Month in Review

I know what you're thinking: It feels like Optical Transport Month here at Light Reading just started, and now it's already over.

Never fear, we don't limit our coverage of the optical sector to one month of the calendar. We cover it year round.

The designation is just one of those things intended to highlight that fact, and to create a few opportunities to delve a little deeper into a few of the trends currently shaping the sector. To that end, I'll be publishing the final piece of our special coverage -- a metro 100G vendor roundup -- in the days to come. (True, it will no longer be Optical Transport Month at that point -- but let's pretend anyway.)

Until then, here's a handy guide to some of our recent optical coverage:

I almost forgot: See you at OFC 2015 in March.

— Dan O'Shea, Managing Editor, Light Reading

thebulk 1/31/2015 | 2:37:00 PM
A lot, but needed So, it does seem that there was a lot going on this month with the optical side of the house, but this is Light Reading after all. I think its great to see more optical side things coming into the news cycle, even if it might dominate at time. It always makes for a great read. 
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