SlideshowCloud-Native Router Startup DriveNets Banks $110M, Takes On Cisco et al.

DriveNets founder and CEO Ido Susan has former employer Cisco, as well as Juniper, Huawei and Nokia, in his sights.
DriveNets founder and CEO Ido Susan has former employer Cisco, as well as Juniper, Huawei and Nokia, in his sights.

dwx 2/18/2019 | 3:27:01 PM
Re: Smart I believe their initial use case is in Internet peering, where they are acting as an off-box control-plane speaking to the peers, and controlling hardware forwarding elements connecting peer to core as if they were a single entity.  A bit like multi-chassis LAG on steroids where you an add connections ad-hoc across the fabric or add new elements and simply LAG them together.  

Pizza box and "eliminating complex interconnects" do not really belong together.  The lengths that FB, Google, Amazon, etc. go through in order to have cohesive pre-designed wiring is crazy.  They have defined compute pods because adding connections ad-hoc is a nightmare.  So I'm not sure how that translates over in this case.   
TucIm6tx 2/18/2019 | 7:05:41 AM
Re: Smart Can you please explain what is the sweet spot the company had found?

DNOS (AT&T) and CORD already exist.

TucIm6tx 2/18/2019 | 7:03:40 AM
There are many discrepancies and question marks over DN’s Story: 1.       If they have a design based on BCM ASICs, this is not going to be a cheap design. Claiming 90% cost reduction over Cisco, whereas Cisco has its own ASIC, is more the questionable

2.       If they sell one license of DNOS and one license of DNOR per site in a flat rate regardless of traffic, how do they make money? Would they charge flat rate  per data center regardless of its size?

3.       Router software include huge code base of protocols, either DN develops themselves, but this will take them many years, or they source from the like of MetaSwitch but that cannot be flat rate. Indeed DNOS has a limited set of protocol support, according to the (limited) info on their site

4.       Pizza box based scalability does not make sense. Even Compute server are blade server based. Chassis form factor is more efficient in terms of electricity and real estate-which is really what matters in date centers, not to mention control plane issues.

5.       The whole concept sounds like CORD, which did not fly for many reasons, some are detailed above

6.       What is exactly the cloud in this cloud based solution? It is a solution for data centers that by themselves implement clouds. Sounds like "cloud washing: of the solution.

7.       Is DN's  DNOS same as AT&T DNOS???
Sterling Perrin 2/15/2019 | 9:36:09 AM
Smart This company has found the right spot where white box is appealing for telecom and VCs have recognized this. There's a long history of dumb VC money (see "Optical Networking" circa 1999) but this is a good bet - not a sure thing but a good bet on the technology.

5G will be a big factor. Timing of adoption by operators may make or break this company. We know AT&T is driving toward this white box router model but how quickly will the rest of the market follow? In issues of timing, the big vendors have the advantage, because they can weather the delays. Any start-up is invested fully in both a technology and a timeline.

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