Musser's role expands in Corning management re-org

CORNING, New York – Corning announced on Wednesday that it is reorganizing its operating structure based on extensive analysis and leadership review. The new structure aligns executive management and business teams around five Market-Access Platforms (MAPs): Mobile Consumer Electronics, Optical Communications, Automotive, Life Sciences, and Display.

Corning’s MAPs are built to serve well-defined market ecosystems.

Within each MAP, the company applies a combination of three core capabilities and four manufacturing and engineering platforms to bring value to current and future customers. The MAPs also provide a strong growth mechanism for Corning, creating opportunities to reapply and reuse assets and capabilities developed for customers in one market-ecosystem to serve customers in another. This strategy has contributed significantly to Corning’s strong performance over the last few years, and the reorganization announced today is designed to unlock new opportunities for valuable synergies.

"By organizing around the MAPs, we’re positioning Corning to capture more customer insights, further leverage our distribution channels, and open up new opportunities for innovation with industry leaders," said Wendell P. Weeks, chairman and chief executive officer.

Additionally, Corning has established a new leadership position that will drive operational excellence. Eric S. Musser, a 34-year Corning veteran, has been named to the expanded role of president and chief operating officer (COO), effective immediately.

The Market-Access Platform organizations will report to Musser in his role as COO. Musser will continue to oversee Corning’s international regions and the global manufacturing and supply management functions.

Musser’s newly appointed direct reports are:

  • John P. Bayne Jr., senior vice president and general manager, Mobile Consumer Electronics
  • Michael A. Bell, senior vice president and general manager, Optical Communications
  • Avery (Hal) Nelson III, senior vice president and general manager, Automotive
  • Ronald L. Verkleeren, senior vice president and general manager, Life Sciences
  • John Z. Zhang, senior vice president and general manager, Display

Reporting directly to Weeks under the new operating structure will be:

  • James P. Clappin, vice chairman and strategic advisor
  • Martin J. Curran, executive vice president and innovation officer
  • Dr. Jeffrey W. Evenson, executive vice president and chief strategy officer
  • Robert P. France, senior vice president, human resources
  • Lawrence D. McRae, vice chairman and corporate development officer
  • Dr. David L. Morse, executive vice president and chief technology officer
  • Anne E. Mullins, senior vice president and chief digital and information officer
  • Eric S. Musser, president and chief operating officer

Lewis A. Steverson, executive vice president and chief legal and administrative officer

R. Tony Tripeny, executive vice president and chief financial officer

Clark S. Kinlin, executive vice president, Optical Communications, who earlier declared his intention to retire from Corning, will do so later this year at the end of a transition period.

There will be no changes to Corning’s financial reporting segments under the new operating structure.


jayja 4/8/2020 | 8:34:25 PM
Great news! Congratulations Eric. Well deserved. I’m excited to see the make-up and structure of your team. Keep those pensions financed! Congratulations Clark (from the other side). You’ll love retirement. As our friend Ed said, on a scale of 1-10 it scores 143!!
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