100G Ethernet

100GbE in Action & More at MEF17

ORLANDO, 11/30/2017 – Light Reading Editor-at-Large Carol Wilson and John Hawkins, Ciena's resident Ethernet expert, discuss innovations, proof of concepts and how enhancements to Ciena's packet portfolio allows service providers to cost-effectively expand and scale their Ethernet Business Service offerings up to 10GbE and 100GbE for new and broader revenue streams.

handymanah 3/11/2020 | 11:28:05 PM
Appreciation Very insightful post. You povided some interesting information that will definitely have me thinking in the future. Thanks for sharing.


ianpundt 2/10/2020 | 2:32:22 AM
Thanks for this Hey thanks for posting this video, really informative and helped me A LOT! 

Turner N 1/15/2020 | 11:24:42 PM
Ethernet Thank you for the great interview, it was very informative.  I love to see that service providers are always seeking new ways to provide better service to the consumer.


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Jkoenzuraida 12/2/2019 | 9:11:45 PM
Need this technology for the masses I would like to technology expance and come out to more places. It would be nice to have bandwidth like this for the masses as consumers need more and more bandwith for there ever growoing smart homes. We are becoming more connected as time progresses. It would be nice to see technology catch up. 


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