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DT's Access 4.0 Team Loses Its Cherry & Hits the Eggnog

The German operator has a long list of vendors identified for its software-enabled broadband access project. What could possibly go wrong?

F5G: Huawei's Bid to Dominate Optical Access

The Chinese equipment giant has a new plan for shaping the development of optical access technology.

Post-ECOC 2019: Optical Networking Beyond the Thunderdome

It's like Mad Max in the optical networking space, with every group of participants – optical transceiver vendors, chip manufacturers, systems OEMs and even end customers – all fighting their own war.

China Optical Vendors Take a Hit From Fiber Glut

Fiber saturation has dampened demand this year, but the arrival of 5G means the downturn may be short-lived.

The LiDAR at the End of the Tunnel

An analyst firm is at odds with industry execs on how quickly the market for LiDAR applications will take off. Several companies that supply the telco industry are making bets that LiDAR will pay off soon.

Infinera: Making Optical Interesting Again

The vendor's new XR Optics technology could cut carrier opex and capex in service providers' metro networks. But can the company get everyone else to buy into coherent optical sub-carrier aggregation?

Eurobites: ADVA Joins the Dots on Optical Transceivers

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Cellcom Israel plans job cuts; Orange builds cloud for Chinese consumer goods company; CityFibre on target in Stirling.

Corning's Fiber Business Is Cratering, but What Does That Mean for 5G?

Corning has dramatically reduced its sales expectations for fiber this year as carriers reduce spending. Does that mean 5G (which needs fiber) is in trouble? Not necessarily.

Acacia Ups the Coherent Ante

Optical module specialist makes a mark with its latest product that will give parent-to-be Cisco something to smile about.

ECOC 2019 Preview: Beware of the Irish Goodbye

The optical networking industry has seen its fair share of customers show up to the party and then leave without warning. One analyst ponders what's going to be different in the next 12 months.

ZTE H1 Profits Up, but Sales Stuck in a Rut

As it focuses more on developing its own components, cost-cutting is helping ZTE report improving profits but its revenues are not as impressive.

Huawei Slams US Blacklisting of Affiliates

Chinese vendor lashes out at latest US measures while insisting that its business has not been affected.

US Component Makers Should Plan for Life Without Huawei

Harsh weekend words from Trump and prolonged uncertainty will spur the Chinese equipment maker as it tries to become more self-reliant. Its US suppliers should plan accordingly.

Here's What Trump's Huawei Ban Cost US Firms in Q2

Several US companies put a dollar amount on the losses they incurred from President Trump's Huawei ban. Here's the tally.

Another Huawei Scandal, Another Denial

China's controversial equipment giant denies hacking into phones in Africa at the behest of political strongmen.

How 5G & the Trade War Are Ringing the Changes for Ericsson

The Swedish vendor is changing the way it delivers products and shifting production facilities.

Huawei Decision to Show if BoJo Is Presidential Poodle or British Bulldog

The question of what to do about Huawei will show UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson why a no-deal Brexit is fraught with peril.

Huawei Defies US Ban With 23% Lift in H1 Revenue

Smartphones power the Chinese vendor's first-half results, but doubts about its operating system cloud the future.

Is Light Communications a Solution in Search of a Problem?

LiFi is the latest effort to bring optical wireless communications into the commercial communications networking fold.

Nokia warns of possible China pullback as support for local vendors grows

Finnish vendor is assessing its China strategy as local operators turn increasingly to Huawei and ZTE.

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