Oplink Announces Undersea Couplers

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Oplink Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: OPLK), designer and manufacturer of innovative optical components and integrated optical modules, announced today its optical coupler products for use in undersea optical networks. Couplers from Oplink are built using a proprietary technology for fusing fibers together. Couplers are used extensively in undersea amplifiers to couple fibers carrying light from pump lasers with signal-carrying fibers. Amplifier systems are typically submerged underwater for many years, so the couplers must meet extraordinary standards of reliability.

“We are testing our specially fabricated couplers in high temperature and high humidity environments as required by the makers of undersea optical equipment,” said Dennis Ma, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Oplink. “We use special processes and packaging for high reliability as well as proprietary technology for fusing fibers to ensure a reliable bond between the fibers.”

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