ONOS Project Announces New Release

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- ONOS Project, the ONF/ON.Lab open source, today announces availability of a new ONOS release that is being showcased in several new lab trials, proof of concepts and demonstrations at this week’s Open Networking Summit.

ONOS is accelerating adoption of SDN and NFV in mission-critical networks. As an open source SDN network controller, ONOS enables both disruptive and incremental ways of transforming networks:

  • Disruptive SDN: Disruptive (pure-play) SDN leverages whiteboxes and relies on ONOS for real-time network control.
  • Incremental SDN: Incremental (brown-field) SDN enables software defined configuration of legacy networking systems where the control plane remains embedded in the network devices (e.g. BGP or OSPF).

“ONOS delivers important performance and scalability advancements that are needed to advance SDN,” said Bill Snow, chief development officer, ON.Lab. “New demos and POCs at ONS this week bring to life the new improvements in high availability and scalability for service providers and enterprises seeking to optimize to keep agile pace with the explosion of mobile devices, video and big data applications.”

Dynamic Configuration Enables Management of Legacy Networking Devices Dynamic configuration enables ONOS to support legacy networking devices and brown-field networks where existing network equipment is already deployed. With this new release, ONOS can now import device-specific netconf/yang models, automatically manage these models in its distributed database, and dynamically sync and apply this configuration to the network. Should the network devices ever fall out of sync with the configuration intent in ONOS’ database, ONOS will automatically bring the network back to the desired state. In this way, centralized configuration can be organized, replicated, pushed and verified on the network, enabling ONOS to support ‘incremental SDN’ deployments of brown-field networking equipment alongside disruptive SDN where full control is managed by ONOS in real-time.

Additional new and improved ONOS features include:

  • SDN-IP enhancements such as VLAN support, VPLS support and IGMPv2
  • Virtual SDN Network Overlays
  • Southbound Enhancements including RESTCONF, TL1 support for Lumentum WaveReady and Pipeline support for Nokia OLT
  • vRouter IPv6 support
  • Framework: New distributed system support - consistent document tree, LISP, CI/CT improvements (build speed enhancements)and High Availability (HA) enhancements
  • Northbound Intent Interface Enhancements:
    • IETF ACTN - enabling management of multiple TEs as one
    • Optional Guaranteed Bandwidth Allocation
    • Protection Intent Support
    • Shared resource modeling
    • Hashing support for ECMP traffic distribution
  • Traffic Engineering: Policers and bandwidth monitoring
  • User Interface: Scalability improvements and regionalization support

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