Kubernetes & the Grand Google Conspiracy

If there isn't a master plan behind Google's creation of Kubernetes, maybe there ought to be.

All the dots are there to be connected, as Mirantis Inc. Co-Founder Boris Renski told Enterprise Cloud News.

Google needs a way to lure developers to its public cloud and away from Amazon Web Services Inc. That could be enabled by the creation of an open source stack for cloud services, one that dilutes the lock-in effect of AWS's services. It starts with Kubernetes but also includes other Google-supported projects such as Istio for microservices.

A GoogleStack certainly seems to be forming. To me, it seems like a longshot that this is on purpose -- but Renski has a pretty good argument, and he's right when he says this should be the master plan, even if it wasn't at first.

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— Craig Matsumoto, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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