OpenStack 'Newton' Unites Infrastructure

The OpenStack community has launched its "Newton" release, with a focus on enhanced scalability, resiliency and improving the user experience for operators and app developers. Newton is designed to be easier than its predecessors to set up, operate, change and fix, with improved automation.

The release of the popular open source cloud platform is designed to unify the most popular cloud infrastructure technologies -- bare metal, virtual machines and containers, OpenStack Executive Director Jonathan Bryce tells Light Reading.

"People wonder if those are competing technologies," Bryce says. "But our view is that in the modern data center and development you have all those present. OpenStack needs to support all of them and integrate with all of them."

OpenStack is in use at more than 30 public cloud providers, with established providers including Internap and City Networks expanding business into new regions, Bryce says. And China has been a fast-growing market for OpenStack, with major financial services, manufacturing and telecom users including China UnionPay, Dong Feng Motors, China Telecom, China Mobile, Lenovo and more.

The new version supports bare metal provisioning through technology called Ironic, container orchestration provisioning through Magnum for Swarm, Kubernetes and Mesos, and container networking from Kuryr, Bryce says.

The software will be available for download 10 a.m. ET Thursday.

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Mitch Wagner 10/11/2016 | 11:23:17 PM
Re: Newton vs Neutron Fixed now. 

Actually, fixed a few days ago. I'm just now catching up on the message boards. 

ZL 10/6/2016 | 12:18:32 PM
Newton vs Neutron The alphabet soup of release names used for open source projects has bitten again.  Today's OpenStack release is Newton.


Neutron is (of course) the Open Stack newtorking component:

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