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Dish unveils Boost Infinite pricing: $25/month for 30GB of speedy data

Dish Network said it's now offering beta access to its new Boost Infinite service. The new offering – officially launching early next year – will cost $25 per month.

"At only $25 a month, Boost Infinite from Dish Wireless has arrived to give Americans the value, coverage and simplicity they deserve for less than half what the others charge," said Stephen Stokols, the executive VP of retail for Dish Network's wireless business. "With our early access beta, we're letting customers experience something infinitely better before the full commercial launch of our new wireless brand early next year."

In response to questions from Light Reading, Dish also offered a few insights into the terms of its service. For example, the $25 unlimited plan comes with 30GB of high-speed data.

"We've found that an overwhelming majority of wireless customers in the US won't exceed that data threshold," Dish officials said. "For heavy data users, we will offer an option for expanded high-speed data at the lowest price in the industry. More to come on that with our upcoming Q1 2023 launch."

(Source: Robert K. Chin/Alamy Stock Photo)
(Source: Robert K. Chin/Alamy Stock Photo)

The company also said it would offer mobile hotspot services, for phone-to-laptop tethering, that would draw from the same 30GB bucket.

Officials added that the Boost Infinite beta offering would only be available online and that it would leverage eSIM technology. Customers will be able to bring their own device – either iOS or Android – or they can purchase or finance a device from Boost Infinite.

Dish officials declined to provide details about the network or networks that would support the offering.

"It's well known that we're building our own standalone 5G network, and we have partner agreements with two of the largest 5G network providers in America – this ensures our Boost Infinite customers get the best possible coverage, and at $25/month it's clearly also the best value in postpaid wireless," they said, pointing to the company's MVNO agreements with AT&T and T-Mobile and its efforts to build its own 5G network.

"Without getting into too many specifics, starting next year, Boost Infinite customers will have seamless access to multiple 5G networks, not just one," officials said.

Dish has said it hopes to gain 30 million to 40 million mobile customers in the future, which would represent a major increase from the 8 million it counts today. The company currently operates a handful of different wireless brands, and Boost Infinite will be its newest.

Dish had initially hoped to launch Boost Infinite sometime in the fall of 2022, but recently delayed that launch to the first quarter of 2023.

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