On the Edge (Still)

1:15 PM -- Well, it's about damn time Ellacoya beefed up service control!

I was just reading my favorite Web publication, Broadband Edge, this morning, and noticed that some pretty interesting things are happening in this c'wazy industry.

First of all, Ellacoya finally beefed up its service control. Sheesh, it took 'em long enough. They should have done this last November, if you ask me. But at least now the company's next-generation switch is in a good position to take on P-Cube and others.

Also in Broadband Edge this morning, someone finally had the moxie to say that enhanced services and convergence of VOIP and wireless were dominant themes of VON. I've been thinking that for awhile, but my Reporter's Notebook doesn't have that kind of insightful industry analysis in it. Just a bunch of doodles of Van Halen logos, Nike swooshes, and boobies.

Look, I know I'm going to catch hell for recommending another publication over ours. But they've got us beat. I mean, look at them. Their columnists pose with musical instruments. Doesn't that say it all?

Well, sorry if I've offended my corporate parents. But I can't hide the fact that I read Broadband Edge every morning and it puts a smile on my face.

— Phil Harvey, Timeless News Editor, Light Reading

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