OFC Scrapbook, Part 1

ATLANTA -- OFC 2003 -- As we trudge through the Great Telecom Depression of 2003, Light Reading did the only thing that makes sense in such an uncertain time: throw a big beer bash for all our friends.

At the Gordon Biersch speakeasy in downtown Atlanta, OFC attendees played pool and noshed on dim sum, skewers, and gourmet pizzas while plying each other with freshly brewed lagers and the occasional single malt scotch. Naturally, with so much going on, we hauled out the ol' Voigtlander Brilliant and took a few snapshots.

So pour yourself a tall one, drop a copy of Louie Armstrong's "West End Blues" on the phonograph, and enjoy our tradeshow scrapbook.

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whyiswhy 12/5/2012 | 12:21:01 AM
re: OFC Scrapbook, Part 1 Having sampled everything from Hard Rock cafe to Persian (with belly dancer), I can say GB was definitely one of the best places to eat in Atlanta. The brews were notably weak but tasty compared to the original GB, apparently a result of some blue law in GA. I understand this issue was recently resolved, and a new hotter batch is brewing.

Overall: Many many more exhibitors than visitors. I would estimate real attendance was not even 50% of last years, although the dwell time/ quality of the visitors was way up.

Over supply, under demand.


PS: To say how bad it was/is, IG could not even give away the components they advertised...

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