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NZ Telco Still Closeted

Light Ranting
Light Ranting
Light Ranting

NOON -- And you thought your phone company was judgmental and intrusive. Telecom New Zealand Ltd. (NYSE: NZT; New Zealand: TEL) has apparently told a woman named "Gay" that her name is not fit for business correspondence.

"A WOMAN'S email to the help desk of Telecom New Zealand was rejected by a computer system because her name was Gay and 'inappropriate for business-like communication,' " reports news.com.au.

Telecom new Zealand blamed the incident on an overzealous email filter, but we're starting to wonder about the Kiwis. This is the same place where a major telecom outage in 2005 was blamed on rats chewing through a cable. The outage resulted in the New Zealand Stock Exchange shutting down. — R. Scott Raynovich, Editor 2.0, Light Reading

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