NYC Chicks

3:00 PM -- The Associated Press issued a story today about chicks living it up in Manhattan. (No, not them.)

    A ritzy high rise is a fashionable address for some recent arrivals to the city: A batch of tiny chicks.

Yes, this kind. It turns out that even farm animals live better than I do in New York City.

    The superintendent of the building near United Nations headquarters said he uses a makeshift basement pen as a temporary home for mail-order critters that are destined for his upstate farm.

    "I'm raising chickens because I plan to retire," the 62-year-old super, John Hyranyaz, told the New York Post for a story in Tuesday's editions.

The new retirement plan under the Bush administration, apparently.

    The Health Department told the newspaper it was not illegal to keep chickens in the city, only roosters.

Sexist, if you ask me.

— Red Panda, Light Reading

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