NW at it Again

2:00 PM -- Our inbox was polluted the other day with "Network World's View from The Edge Newsletter." This week's edgy view? "Katrina's silver lining," by Jim Duffy, which instantly becomes odds-on favorite to win the "Most Distasteful Use of a Natural Disaster to Pep Up Your Boring Trade Press Column" prize of 2006.

It begins in an appropriately inane manner:

    They say there's silver lining around every cloud.
[Actually, knobber, the silver lining would have to be inside the cloud, wouldn't it? But, no matter...]

    Perhaps the silver lining around the cloud of Hurricane Katrina, the most destructive natural disaster ever in the U.S., is the upgrade the storm forced for the Gulf Region's telecommunications networks, especially in and around New Orleans. Infrastructure damaged or destroyed during the storm is being rebuilt and replaced with state of the art equipment and technologies that could portend the emergence of new, cutting edge services for businesses and consumers.

    Indeed, the advent of advanced, next-generation services in the storm-ravaged city could be the phoenix that rises from the ashes of the reconstruction of the New Orleans network...
We did not pursue the associated links to Network World's "Katrina anniversary package" -- but it's gotta be a fun-filled frolic, dontcha think? Happy Anniversary, Big Easy! Roast phoenix for everone! Mmmhmm...

This is, of course, not the first instance of NW turning human tragedy into a cash-grab opportunity (in this case 9/11): Horror Show. Thank you, firefighters, but it seems "the network was the hero" on that dark day.

Excuse Panda while he vomits over his computer screen.

— Revolted Panda, Light Reading

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