NTL Pulls Plug on Switched Phone in Ireland

NTL is shutting down its circuit switched telephone service in Dublin, Ireland. The cable operator has started disconnecting some 2,000 circuit switched telephone customers there, claiming the residential network interface units (NIUs) supplied by Tellabs are a safety hazard. Tellabs said it stands by its Cablespan products and some NTL customers say they are suspicious the cable operator is using the explanation as a means to disconnect their service. NTL stopped marketing the service to new customers in 2002. In a statement Tellabs said: '"Tellabs is confident that our CABLESPAN units are safe when properly installed. Since 1998, our customers have deployed almost 600,000 indoor service units around the world. CABLESPAN equipment was rigorously tested and certified for safety prior to deploymentÉ the probable cause of these incidents was improper installation of the equipment. We are continuing to work with NTL to determine the exact cause of the incidents."
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