NSN Could Stay in Munich

MUNICH -- IG Metall and the management of Nokia Siemens Networks have agreed on a potential course of action that would see Nokia Siemens Networks remaining a major employer in Munich. The plans, proposed by IG Metall, call for approximately 2,000 jobs to remain in Munich. Under the proposal, the St.-Martin-Strasse site, which currently hosts 3,600 employees, would be closed as initially planned.

Nokia Siemens Networks is prepared to accept the IG Metall proposal if a significant majority of the approximately 1,600 positions planned to be reduced in Munich agree to join an interim employment company before the end of April 2012. This new organization’s aim would be to provide support and training to employees for roles outside of Nokia Siemens Networks and would have a term of two years.

“This solution stands on the condition that a significant majority of the affected employees do agree to join the transfer company," said Herbert Merz, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Nokia Siemens Networks GmbH & Co. KG. “IG Metall’s proposal would enable us to achieve our restructuring objectives for Germany ahead of schedule and would guarantee planning reliability. This makes economic sense and provides justification for Munich to remain a significant location for Nokia Siemens Networks. Furthermore the company will provide clarity to the affected employees earlier than first planned.”

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