Note Takers Rejoice

Israeli startup EPOS Technologies has grabbed $10.5 million in new funding from Intel Capital and domestic VC firms Walden Israel and Jerusalem Venture Partners as it prepares to bring its first wireless digital positioning products to market by the end of the year.

The company has developed a pen that can track and transfer hand-written data to your PC as you write, or be used like a mouse to control the computer. CEO Oded Turbahn says EPOS is working with partners to bring more products to market next year.

The positioning technology the pen uses works like sonar, detecting the pen's position by bouncing high frequency signals back and forth. Unstrung's initial experience with the pen suggests it is very accurate.

The pen is also relatively inexpensive, compared to some previous systems. Typically, wireless digital positioning today is used for specific tasks in niche markets. Turbahn says the pen is aimed at the "mass market" and will cost around $50 when it is launched.

Perhaps more exciting for gadget freaks and compulsive list-makers, however, is the next product that the company is working on: a memory stick that can be clipped on top of a sheet or pad and paper and used to store notes until they can be transferred to a PC. After one false start in a demonstration for Unstrung, the stick worked fine and can store pages of handwritten notes. Turbahn says this device will be available next year and should cost about $60.

He said the firm is working with Intel as well as getting funding from the chipmaker but wouldn't go into detail on any projects yet.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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