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Not 'Micro' Enough

12:35 PM -- MicroTCA, the smaller cousin of AdvancedTCA , is facing the usual problem of new technologies: The price needs to come down.

A MicroTCA chassis costs around $500. "That seems to be high, according to the suppliers. Some people think we need to get down to $100 or $200 a chassis," says Ernie Bergstrom, an analyst with Crystal Cube Consulting .

One guess I've heard, not connected to those exact numbers, is that MicroTCA will take three or four years to get inexpensive enough to build a solid market. Granted, that's from an ATCA competitor: Scott Firth, industry director for telecom at IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM).

But Firth says IBM will watch MicroTCA to see "if it's something we can adapt to BladeCenter." BladeCenter does use advanced mezzanine cards (AMCs), just as MicroTCA does, so that's not so far-fetched.

While I'm at it, I should plug the latest Light Reading report -- the type that's free to read on the site: MicroTCA in Telecom. That's Simon Stanley and Tim Hills surveying the technology behind the buzzword and tossing in a product example or two.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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