Nommunication Is Power

12:30 PM -- Actual PR headline from this morning's email pile:

Edelman and Technorati Announce New PR Study of Japanese Bloggers; Japanese Bloggers Shows Most are Communicating about Companies, but Companies Not Nommunicating With Most of Them

Is nommunicating one of those new-fangled buzzwords, like Web 2.0 or blogosphere? Or, for gosh sakes, Technorati?

By the way, the survey advertised in the press release cited above had a very clever way of acknowledging that all the statistics it lists were actually complete horse exhaust:

While the survey was aimed at bloggers, there is no guarantee that all respondents are in fact bloggers. There is also the question of inter-question validity, with no certainty that a respondent's answer to one question is consistent with their answer to another.

Cheers to Technorati and Edelman for the fine work.

— Phil Harvey, Blogoverse Editor, Light Reading

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