Tail-f, Cisco & What the Future Holds

Steve Saunders meets with Tail-f's Director of Technology, Carl Moberg, in Stockholm to discuss becoming part of Cisco, ETSI MANO, virtualization and the need to combine science and business in order to create opportunities for service providers.

HankGilbertson 11/25/2019 | 7:47:22 PM
Interesting It's always interesting to go back and see what the thoughts were on a particular event after the outcome has been resolved. Everyone was pretty close in their predictions, nice work!

Hank - Move Out Cleaning Company
Faisal Khan 7/27/2016 | 2:27:38 PM
70+ adapter ...Oh! 70+ adapters.....for an Orchetration System....Shows the gloomy picture of the industry where an orchestration provider has to develop so many adaptors to interwork with different types of vendors.... In the absence of clear equipment and service models, this is bound to happen.....This is is clearly a a use case for SDN to solve !
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