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Multi-Vendor NFV Trial Scores 1-Gigabit Throughput

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. -- Overture today released further proof that a multi-vendor service chain of VNFs running on a low-cost COTS server delivers line rate throughput of 1 Gigabit with low latency and low jitter. Based on the results of performance testing conducted and validated by EANTC, an internationally recognized independent test center, pure-play NFV provides carrier-class performance without proprietary hardware or software assists.

“We put pure-play NFV to the test and have definitively demonstrated that service providers can, and should, walk away from proprietary hardware and software solutions. With pure-play NFV, service providers can mix-and-match open software and hardware components and continue to deliver services with the same performance they enjoyed before virtualizing,” states Prayson Pate, Overture chief technology officer. “When you virtualize, deploy pure-play solutions leveraging open servers. Contrary to what legacy equipment vendors claim, there is no reason to remain locked-in to custom appliances or proprietary software.”

Performance Test Participants
Under sponsorship of the Intel Network Builders program, Brocade, Fortinet, Intel, Ixia, Overture, Spirent and Supermicro collaborated to provide the industry with performance data that proves the business case for deploying virtualization at the network edge. Testing was conducted in October at the EANTC labs in Berlin and included the following components:

  • Overture Ensemble Carrier Ethernet VNF
  • Brocade vRouter
  • Fortinet Fortigate-VM
  • Spirent Avalanche Virtual
  • Ixia XG12 with IxLoad software
  • Supermicro 505-2 server

    Test Scenario
    EANTC created a test profile that simulated real world traffic for evaluating the performance of each VNF. The Layer 7 traffic profile reflected typical Internet usage (60% HTTP, 35% HTTP video, 4% FTP and 1% DNS.) NAT masquerading was added to increase complexity for the router. A set of 100 rules was set to provide realistic complexity for the firewall. VNFs were then deployed in a full service chain and tested with the realistic traffic mix.

    Overture’s Ensemble Carrier Ethernet (ECE) provided the virtualization foundation for both the stand-alone VNF test and the full service chain test. ECE implements an enhanced vSwitch as a part of the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and also provides full support for CE 2.0 features. This enables a single-box deployment of standard VNFs on low-cost servers.

    As the tests proved, Overture’s ECE provides the highest performing virtual switching solution available. EANTC’s test report can be found at: www.overturenetworks.com/Pure-PlayNFV-Performance.

    European Advanced Networking Test Center AG (EANTC)

    Overture Networks Inc.

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