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Light Reading Invites Leading Communications Networking Organizations to Take Part in the World's First-Ever NFV Interoperability Evaluation

NEW YORK -- Light Reading today issued a formal invitation to the communications industry's leading vendors to take part in the world's first-ever network functions virtualization (NFV) interoperability evaluation. The goal of the evaluation process is to demonstrate which products from multiple vendors can be installed together to support next-generation, virtualized New IP networks.

The invitations were sent to communications networking equipment vendors and open source projects that are developing NFV infrastructure (NFVi) platforms and Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). The invite is available at http://www.newipagency.com/assets/new-ip-agency-phase-1-evaluation.pdf.

Light Reading's NFV interoperability evaluation is being conducted by European Advanced Networking Test Center AG (EANTC) on behalf of the New IP Agency (NIA), a new industry body that is being launched in January 2016 with the support of both Light Reading and EANTC.

The evaluation represents a vital step in the development of NFV, which will be the fundamental enabler of next-generation communications networks. For NFV to truly deliver on that vision, products from different vendors must be able to work together. By participating in the evaluation, NFV vendors get to prove interoperability to the entire industry, and move NFV from marketing to independent validation.

"This evaluation is a critical step on the road to broad acceptance of NFV by communications network operators," stated Light Reading Founder and CEO Steve Saunders. "Interoperability issues have plagued communications service providers for decades as they built out their existing networks – they want to do everything they can to avoid the same constraints as they build their New IP networks, and this evaluation – the first of many – will play an important role in helping them gain trust in NFV," added Saunders.

To learn more about the NFV Interoperability Evaluation, read the latest blog by Saunders, NFV Gets Real – Finally

To the view the NFV Interoperability Evaluation invite, see http://www.newipagency.com/assets/new-ip-agency-phase-1-evaluation.pdf.

If you're interested in participating, contact Kathrin Henze at EANTC at [email protected] or at +49 30 3180595 39.

For more information on the New IP Agency (NIA), see the NIA website at http://www.newipagency.com/.

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