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Huawei Among First NFVI Vendors to Pass OVP Certification

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Open Platform for Network Functions Virtualization (OPNFV) community has released its plans for the OPNFV Verified Program (OVP) commercial certification program. At the same time, the organization made public its first batch of certification results. Huawei was one of the first network functions virtualization infrastructure (NFVI) vendors to have passed and receive this OVP certification.

The OPNFV was launched by carriers, equipment suppliers, as well as cloud computing and infrastructure vendors. It is an open-source cooperation project established by the Linux Foundation. OVP is an important, verified infrastructure plan for the OPNFV community. It aims to test function consistency and the function completeness of infrastructures undergoing the NFV scenario. Compared with other NFVIs and virtualized network functions (VNFs), verified NFVIs and VNFs are easier to interconnect for commercial projects, greatly reducing the cost of implementing NFV technology for carriers and industry players. During the certification process, HUAWEI CLOUD NFVI solution, with its rich cloudification technology practices and open infrastructure platform ecosystem, was found to be compatible with OPNFV in functions, interfaces, and high availability (HA). It is with this product that Huawei became one of the first batch vendors to pass OVP certification.

As an initial platinum member and major contributor of OPNFV, Huawei has been actively participating in the activities of OPNFV and collaborating with open-source organizations within the industry, accelerating the commercialization of NFV. Huawei has contributed to many projects, including Yardstick, Dovetail, Compass4nfv, and Bottlenecks, and has been awarded more than 68 key seats within the community, including being a member of the Board of Directors, TSC member, project owner, and project committee member. In the NFVI field, Huawei has consistently devoted time and effort in research and development, trying to provide customers with high-performing, highly reliable, highly secure, and easy-to-use O&M NFVI solutions. These solutions support the cloud-based reconstruction of existing services and service evolution of carriers, while also balancing service openness and efficiency. Furthermore, Huawei closely cooperates with OPNFV and other vendors in the industry, promoting standardization interconnection and a healthy ecosystem with multiple vendors operating under mainstream commercial scenarios, assisting carriers in achieving fast and efficient service deployment.

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