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CEO Chat With John Chambers, Cisco

Light Reading CEO Steve Saunders talks transformation and virtualization -- including Light Reading's independent testing of the vendor's virtualization solutions -- with Cisco CEO John Chambers at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

DHagar 8/28/2015 | 1:58:41 PM
Re: Cisco Reinvention Steve, excellent point.  That's where the value is.
Steve Saunders 8/28/2015 | 1:37:34 PM
Re: Cisco's reinvention it's a relationship industry - something some of the new entrants don't understand
DHagar 8/28/2015 | 1:17:03 PM
Re: Cisco's Reinvention Susan, see you are right - the conversation needs to be kept alive and remind us of the need for change and reinvention.  LR is doing an excellent job of providing that "space" to keep the idea alive and showcase the industry drivers.
DHagar 8/28/2015 | 1:11:49 PM
Re: Cisco's reinvention Steve, he sure did!  See, that's why reinvention is needed - the basics are what counts and then building value.
Steve Saunders 8/28/2015 | 12:55:55 PM
Re: Cisco's Reinvention he liked his free pin, didn't he? 
mhhf1ve 4/14/2015 | 4:54:41 PM
Reinvention cycle pace quickens... Extremely interesting to hear Cisco's Chambers say how the re-invention cycle has gone from 5-7 years to 3-4 years to... nearly every year now. 

Also: Every company will become a tech company... It'll be interesting to see that transformation for small retailers and small enterprises, not just Walmart.
mhhf1ve 4/14/2015 | 4:48:01 PM
Disruption... So interesting to see how a company like Cisco has dealt with the disruption in its industry... embracing change quickly seems to be key. 
DHagar 3/16/2015 | 1:41:59 PM
Re: Cisco's Reinvention Susan, thanks.  And yes, these learning conversations are exactly what's needed to continue enlarging our capacity for growth!  Agreed!
Susan Fourtané 3/15/2015 | 8:51:10 AM
Re: Cisco's Reinvention DHagar, I totally agree with you in everything you have said. It's admirable to see companies reinventing themselves, adapting, changing according to the needs of the moment, and innovating. It's a great learning opportunity also to watch Steve's interviews. Let's keep the conversation going. :) -Susan
DHagar 3/3/2015 | 7:21:48 PM
Re: Cisco's Reinvention Steve & LR Staff,

Kudos to both Cisco and Light Reading on reinventing and recognizing the networked developments with open communications!  That is impressive. 

Obviously, a lot of planning and preparation goes into building these platforms to be able to take advantage of these opportunities.  But clearly, the "networks" and "communication channels" will be in a much stronger position to solve customer problems than the old stand-alone models. 

Great interviews and great thoughts on the necessity of reinvention but the challenges and risks involved.
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