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What's the Deal Behind 'Ciscosson'?

Light Reading CEO Steve Saunders analyzes the reasons behind, and impact of, the new strategic relationship between Cisco and Ericsson.

MikeP688 11/11/2015 | 10:43:51 AM
May We Live in Interesting Times.... Once again our fearless leader was ever so perceptive--China rising is a fact and anyone doubting it does so at their peril.    China, though, has its' share of profound challenges as exemplified by some of the latest challenges in the environment, corruption and an aging population which may bode ill for it long-term.
CoFounde00391 11/10/2015 | 6:20:35 AM
Execution Matters Sounds like a good idea.

If not executed fast and carefully, conflict among sales and development teams may ruin the deal.

It will require tough negotiations to share "even lower margins" between Cisco and Ericsson against Huawei.

If each company tries to add their own ussual margins then prices will be inflated.

When a discount is needed who is going to accept lower margins?

Who will take the lead in common deals?

Ericsson sales teams are not tailored for selling IP

Good luck

sowen557 11/10/2015 | 2:43:47 AM
Where is ZTE? Decent alternative to Huawei and can price battle with best of them.
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