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SlideshowTelstra Sees Quadrupled Data Capacity by 2020

Telstra's Crispin Blackall
Blackall's OpenDaylight Summit presentation concludes with display of layered architecture that is part of Symphony initiative.
Blackall's OpenDaylight Summit presentation concludes with display of layered architecture that is part of Symphony initiative.

cnwedit 9/28/2016 | 12:47:00 PM
No real answers i should have noted that Blackall didn't really talk much about how Telstra is going to address this very rapid scaling of its data capacity. Clearly major investment is coming. 
cmulhear 9/28/2016 | 7:36:07 PM
Re: No real answers Hi Carol, I am sure Crispin could have discussed an initial $450m commitment we have made within a publicly announced up to $3b spend over the next three years on our networks. Much of this spend will relate to capacity augmentation but this is not just about bandwidth but more so the ability for networks to recover better after element failure in terms of, for example, mobile device reconnection/re-registration.
tojofay 9/29/2016 | 10:14:37 AM
Will INFN get some of that spend? "The SDN data center interconnect one, was taking the asset we acquired with Pacnet, which gave us these incredible resources,"



Infinera's DTN-X solution was deployed as part of Pacnet's 100 Gbps optical core network upgrade within just nine weeks. The DTN-X's FastSMP technology ensures that Pacnet's customers can survive multiple fiber cuts with sub-50ms restoration time. Instant bandwidth functionality and a multiterabit capability allow Pacnet to deliver network upgrades in seconds and support ever increasing...
tojofay 9/29/2016 | 10:33:24 AM
Re: Will INFN get some of that spend? "

Telstra has increased capacity on its long haul submarine cable network, introducing 100Gwavelength (100 Gbps) connectivity across East Asia and the Pacific.

It says the move is necessary to accommodate the growth of cloud-based data operators and to connect the increasing number of data centres managed by service and content providers.

Darrin Webb, COO of Telstra Global Enterprise and Services, said Telstra's 100G service was designed to scale easily and would also help deliver the connectivity and capacity needed to support market demand for larger bandwidth applications, including high definition video services and emerging ultra high definition TV.

The announcement comes a month after Telstra's acquisition of cable and data centre provider Pacnet, which has vastly increased Telstra's Asia Pacific and trans-Pacific cable capacity. The technology will be provided by cable vendor Infinera."1/19/2015 IRWire
Virtual_Robert 9/30/2016 | 6:46:40 AM
Australians give a 4x Fascinating - did he really not use the word Transformation? All the more refreshing if so!

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