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Telekom Austria Plans NFV Boot Camp

Telekom Austria plans to start a company-wide training program in the first or second quarter of 2015 that is designed to get employees at all levels up to speed on virtualization, says CTO Günther Ottendorfer in an interview with Light Reading.

"We want to get people ready for this new world of NFV in several phases -- teaching them really what is virtualization, what is orchestration, how do functions work in this world, what do you have to look for in the planning and operating of this world," he says.

Following several NFV trials earlier this year, the new training program will address what many consider to be some of the biggest challenges in the overall transition to software-based, virtualized networking -- that is, the mindset, culture and skills of current staff. It also shows how Ottendorfer's NFV strategy is as much about people as it is about technology.

"NFV is a big change for the mindset of the people," says Ottendorfer. "It means real convergence between network and IT skills because a lot of those skills are already present in the IT world and less present in the network world."

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For the Telekom Austria Group , which has 23 million customers across eight markets, the convergence of telecom networks and IT starts at the top with Ottendorfer, because as CTO he has responsibility for IT and network technology.

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— Michelle Donegan, contributing editor, special to Light Reading

Susan Fourtané 12/14/2014 | 12:24:49 AM
Re: Telekom Austria Michelle, 

What is important is that Telekom Austria has taken the initiative of starting NFV training, not if it is unique. If it is, it's a good model to follow by other. If it is not, it's how things should be. 

MichelleDonegan 12/12/2014 | 8:44:42 AM
Re: Telekom Austria Is Telekom Austria unique in starting NFV training at this stage? Most operators' NFV plans appear to be more focused on technology, rather than people. 
Susan Fourtané 12/11/2014 | 6:20:46 PM
Telekom Austria Telekom Austria seems to be doing the right thing with a training program. Having a clear understanding of what they have in their hands will facilitate advancement in vistualization and orchestration. 

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