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LG U+ Deploys NFV With Affirmed Networks

LG U+ is gearing up the deploying new networks and services upon NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) towards both wired and wireless networks. LG U+ said on March 16th that they has teamed up with AffirmedNetworks, a global network equipment supplier for the NFV based EPC deployment. LG U+ explained "We decided to build vEPC earlier in order to respond flexibly towards growing video traffic demands and customer’s various needs in IoT and 5G environment". NFV is the technology to implement network functionalities upon virtual hardware separating from physical hardware. It enables to reduce cost and to add hardware resource flexibly by using COTS server instead of high cost legacy server.

In particular, EPC based on NFV helps to reduce the complexity of the network configuration and support the mobility of flexible operation for different types of networks such as WiFi. As a result, it enables LG U+ to accelerate new network technologies including LTE-U (Unlicensed) introduced last year to have the frequency bandwidth of the Wi-Fi used for LTE. LG U+ already completed trial test last year through PoC with Affirmed Networks which has various experience of commercial network deployment for the major global operators. LG U+ expects that it will be available to launch new services quickly through the early commercialization of next-generation equipment upon NFV and afford dramatically increasing traffic according to network upgrade.

"We will do our best to enhance customers convenience by accelerating the preparation of infrastructure which efficiently and stably affords increasing traffic in 5G environment and devices in IoT environment where the traffic is 3 times as much as now” said Changgil Cho, CTO, LG U+.

“NFV allows LG U+ to extend their leadership by accelerating the development and delivery of a new breed of service offerings both today as well as in 5G networks of the future" said Hassan Ahmed, Chairman, Affirmed Networks. Affirmed Networks Inc.

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