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Breakdown of material cost of a low-end server.
Breakdown of material cost of a low-end server.

ranhys 2/5/2019 | 2:03:04 PM
Both CPU and SW need to be considered Hi Prayson,

Interesting article. One area that must be discussed as well is the amount of SW that needs to be loaded on these uCPEs. Between OTT VNFs and NFVI OS stacks, performance take a hit and the ability of the Carriers to add differentiaing, revenue generating, functionality is limited. The ARM approach to uCPE alleviates this situation in two ways :

1) More effecient offload of "plumbing level" loads (packet processing, Crypto\IPSEC, etc.) to dedicated HW accelerators on the SoC, freeing up uCPE cores for real revenue-generating functionality.

2) Ability to cost effectively scale in core count - while the relative portion of a 4 cores CPU in the total uCPE BOM might be small, it is not necessarily the case when moving to 8 cores. ARM architecure allows you to do just that without taking a big CAPEX hit.



Ran Hysler, Carriers Business Development, Marvell
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