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CEO Chat With Basil Alwan, Alcatel-Lucent

Basil Alwan, President of IP Routing & Transport at Alcatel-Lucent, discusses virtualization, cultural challenges, the capex crunch and more with Light Reading founder and CEO Steve Saunders.

Susan Fourtané 7/30/2015 | 5:06:17 AM
Re: Business and sauna Hehe :) Well, you might try one of the tech startups at Slush in November. And, there is sauna at the conference, too, of course. -Susan
Kruz 7/29/2015 | 6:33:55 AM
Re: Business and sauna are you guys hiring in finland :) ??
Susan Fourtané 7/29/2015 | 6:13:37 AM
Re: Business and sauna Kruz, if you mean the saunas in the companies, all employees can use them, and not necessarily for meetings. In some companies sauna on Fridays after work can be arranged. Sauna would include some beers, as Steve mentioned in his sauna experience with Nokia executives, and some sausages that are grilled on the hot stones where the steam comes from and eaten right there in sauna. If you visit Finland you need to try sauna at least once. :D -Susan
Kruz 7/27/2015 | 4:47:59 AM
Re: Business and sauna Interesting! And the Saunas are reserved for meetings or accessible by all :) ? 
Susan Fourtané 7/26/2015 | 5:44:15 AM
Business and sauna Great interview, Steve! Right at the end you made me laugh telling about your sauna experience with the executives from Nokia. 25 years to recover? :D Was it just sauna, or sauna by a lake, where you typically have a little swim in the lake between the sauna moments? Plenty of business is done in a sauna in Finland. There is sauna in most of the companies, in every apartment building, and you probably know by now that there are more saunas than cars in Finland. I saw by looking at your face that it was an interesting experience for your English self. :) -Susan
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