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AT&T's Margaret Chiosi Retires

Margaret Chiosi, AT&T's well-known and outspoken Distinguished Network Architect who has been one of the lead individuals in the virtualization community, has retired from the Tier 1 US operator, Light Reading believes.

Chiosi was due to speak at the Big Communications Event (BCE) this week in Austin, Texas, but retired suddenly last week: Toby Ford, AVP of cloud technology, strategy and planning at AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), stood in to provide the BCE crowds with an update on the operator's virtualization efforts.

In a statement issued to Light Reading, AT&T noted: "Margaret retired on May 16 after 39 years of service at AT&T. She didn't indicate her future plans but we wish her the best of luck."

Chiosi has long been a prominent figure in the telecom sector, driving AT&T developments in the Ethernet and optical sectors and playing a significant role in the formation of the virtualization community in telecoms. For more on her background and involvement in the industry, see:

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jhawk81 5/29/2016 | 11:53:10 PM
All the best Margaret! She was instrumental in the success of the MEF in its early days. Always active and a great motivator, she got people to collaborate and get things done (not easy in the all-volunteer crowd that comprises the MEF). 

All the best Margaret. 
treigelman945 5/27/2016 | 2:51:16 PM
Visionary - Will be missed! Margaret is so knowledgable and credible in the space, I'm sure we'll see her again!  Best wishes for her!

prayson.pate 5/26/2016 | 2:12:28 PM
An Interesting and Straight-Talking Speaker Margaret always drew a big crowd because she knew what she was talking about and would state her opinions clearly.  No hiding behind ambiguity for Margaret!

She is also a nice person, which is not as common as it should be.

Here's hoping that Margaret makes at least one more post-retirement speech somewhere!
TeleWRTRLiz 5/26/2016 | 11:55:19 AM
She will be missed I am really going to miss hearing Margaret speak at our events. She was always so energetic and passionate and managed to make even the most technical and complicated things make sense. I wish her the best of luck. She deserves it!
Sarah Thomas 5/26/2016 | 10:29:58 AM
Re: Retired suddenly? She is also an integral member of the Women in Comms Board of Advisors. Her Mentor Monday is definitely worth a read on her background and advice for women in the industry. Fascinating woman!: http://www.lightreading.com/business-employment/women-in-comms/atandts-chiosi-born-to-stand-out/a/d-id/720885
cnwedit 5/25/2016 | 11:56:55 PM
Re: Retired suddenly? No, not that at all I don't know all th details but this wasn't a firing in any sense

As Ray indtcated, she was an influencer within the industry, a mover and shaker, and she will be missed 

Margaret was also an incredible speaker and a grreat interview 
macemoneta 5/25/2016 | 10:26:32 PM
Retired suddenly? So, that sounds a lot like "fired with benefits."
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