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Validating ADVA's Virtual Switch

Link aggregation
So far, all performance tests we executed involved only two physical ports on the Ensemble Connector device and traffic with the total maximum bandwidth of 2 Gbit/s. The link aggregation capability is available on both Ensemble Connector and Open vSwitch implementation and gives us the possibility to combine multiple physical ports into a common interface and extend the bandwidth provided by the device.

For this test, we defined two link aggregation groups on the device, combining each set of two ports into one group. Each LAG was connected to a virtual port, and an E-Line service was established between them. With this setup, we performed a similar throughput test as before, but with the bandwidth goal extended to 4 Gbit/s.

Link Aggregation Test Setup

The summary of the measurement results is presented in the table and the diagrams below. For both Ensemble Connector and OVS platforms we observed similar throughput performance. However, latency fluctuated to a much greater degree with OVS. Although the average latency was comparable or even better than Ensemble Connector's, the maximum latency was much higher. In the test where we used a mix of different frame sizes, OVS showed exceptionally high latency, approaching 10 milliseconds.

Ensemble Connector vs. OVS Throughput Performance

Ensemble Connector vs. OVS Latency

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