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OPNFV Set to Unveil First Code Release

The Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) group said today it will announce its first code release in April and expects to also have a hardware infrastructure up and running and a timeline for future projects in place by that time.

In a blog post given to Light Reading prior to its publication, Chris Price, who chairs the Technical Steering Committee of the Open Platform for NFV Project Inc. , says the group has just come out of two intense meetings -- one in Santa Rosa in mid-February and one a week later in Prague -- with an agreement on what that first release will include.

"For the first release, the technical steering committee decided on a time-based release aimed at establishing core project infrastructure, and providing a baseline platform for development and experimentation," Price writes. "An important outcome of the planning was the establishment of concise project dependencies and time constraints associated with key milestones and events in the coming months."

Price continues in the blog, "Our goal is to have the hardware infrastructure up and running shortly to provide a convergence point for the projects and launch the first code release in April."

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OPNFV was informally started last June and more formally launched in the fall, and has been steadily adding members since. The group, which is run by the Linux Foundation, is focused on developing NFV infrastructure and virtualized infrastructure management, as part of an effort to speed NFV deployment. A month ago, telecom veteran Heather Kirksey was named to lead OPNFV. (See Open NFV Group Uncloaks Its Platform Plan, OPNFV Does Telecom/Open Source 'Mind Meld' and Kirksey Steps In to Lead OPNFV.)

Light Reading is pursuing further details about this initial release and will share as they become available.

— Carol Wilson, Editor-at-Large, Light Reading

[email protected] 3/10/2015 | 4:06:07 PM
Hardware up and running.... I'll be interested to know what hardware, what applications and where it's running -- in multiple labs maybe? Will this be a 'federated lab' scenario that makes use of cloud services? 

April's not far away! :-)
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