The NFVi Stumbling Block

At Light Reading's 2020 Vision Executive Summit in Rome, Carol Wilson, Editor-at-Large, Light Reading, discusses the need for CSPs to solve critical NFVi version control, interoperability and MANO issues in 2017.

brooks7 12/23/2016 | 9:14:09 AM
I think you captured the problem in a nutshell  

Hi Carol,

Maybe at some point you can interview the web giants on this exact set of topics someday.  They work in completely the opposite way that the telcos are.  The web giants take the products that exist and then find a way of building solutions around those.  For those things that don't exist or they need something different, they make it themselves.

Result:  There isn't an interoperabiity challenge.  They don't even try to make things interoperable.  Every solution is sole sourced.  They solve the MANO challenge by solving it for one thing and if it is applicable in other places, reusing it.

They think of the problem in exactly the opposite way that you are talking about the telcos doing.  There they develop standards for people to develop to.  They expect multiple vendors to meet those standards and then they test and approve those elements.  

Result:  The web giants solve the problems and have cornered the market before the telcos have even started doing anything.  And the web giants are solving the problems with one additional caveat - bandwidth is a commodity and is broadly available in great gobs.

I think that the telcos need to see that they have lost this battle already from a revenue standpoint.  Nobody is going to wait years for these solutions to be developed.  Instead the web giants (and the 8 bazillion startups) will use plug standard IP connectivity and build their applications so that the network is a utility.   Every day that the service providers spend on standard making is another day to being that bandwidth utility.


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