Telefónica Releases OpenMANO NFV Orchestration Stack

MADRID -- Telefónica has released its OpenMANO NFV orchestration stack to open source community of developers through the GitHub portal.

OpenMANO is an open source project that provides a practical realization of the Management and Orchestration reference architecture (NFV MANO), currently under ETSI’s NFV ISG standardization. Today, the stack has become a key component in Telefónica’s NFV Reference Lab, being a ground-breaking module for easy creation and deployment of complex network scenarios, successfully validated with the more than 30 VNFs involved in the lab during the past year.

Telefónica NFV Reference Lab aims to help the ecosystem of partners and network equipment vendors to easily test and develop virtualized network functions with a real vendor-neutral orchestration environment that also provides advanced orchestration capabilities to assure high and predictable performance for the most advanced VNFs. Its aim is to promote interoperability and foster a more open ecosystem so that telecommunications providers are able to adapt and expand their network services more easily. With OpenMANO, Telefónica drives this adoption through the release of open source code, thus encouraging industry and software developers to explore new NFV possibilities and all this from a well-designed and tiered architecture proposal, thoroughly validated in realistic conditions.

OpenMANO provides three software modules:

  • Openmano (the key component): reference implementation of an NFV-O (Network Functions Virtualisation Orchestrator), which allows the creation of complex virtual network scenarios. It interfaces with an NFV VIM through its API and offers a northbound interface, based on REST (openmano API), where NFV services are offered, including the creation and deletion of Network Services or VNFs.
  • Openvim: reference implementation of an NFV VIM (Virtualised Infrastructure Manager), with support for high and predictable performance. It interfaces with the compute nodes in the NFV Infrastructure and an openflow controller to provide computing and networking capabilities and deploy virtual machines. It offers an OpenStack-like northbound interface (openvim API), where enhanced cloud services are offered including the creation, deletion and management of images, flavours, instances and networks. This implementation follows ETSI’s NFV-PER001 recommendations.
  • Openmano-gui: web GUI to interact with openmano API in a graphical and user-friendly manner. A command line interface is also provided for the most advanced users.


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