Huawei Shows Off at OpenStack Summit

AUSTIN, Texas -- The OpenStack Summit is underway in Austin, Texas from April 25-29. Huawei, a gold member of the well-known foundation, along with other builders of the cloud ecosystem and technical experts from around the globe are exploring ways to add momentum to the OpenStack drive. Sharing successful practices and experience on building the cloud ecosystem are also on the agenda. As an "integrated engine" of brand-new cloud technologies, OpenStack is the most influential open source cloud computing community on earth and is well recognized by the world as a practical standard. The vendor-independent standards, innovation capabilities, and proven viable architecture of OpenStack enable enterprises to quickly achieve their cloud-based digital transformations. Huawei's comprehensive cloud strategy, based on OpenStack and other open source technologies, has helped enterprise to obtain commercial success with cloud-ready products and solutions.

During the summit, Huawei further demonstrated to the directors, project team leaders (PTLs), core members, and technical experts from the community as well as other attendees just how well the FusionSphere cloud operating system gears into OpenStack expectations. Sixteen speeches from Huawei were presented, with topics ranging from OpenStack cascading (Tricircle/Multisite), networks (Service Chain, Dragonflow), containers (Magnum, Kuryr), storage (Smaug), NFV, and other hot technological trends and solutions. The technical design and planning of the updates to the next OpenStack release were also discussed. Huawei is promoting its programs and concepts in the next version as well and holding more than ten high-level discussions with customers, foundations, and partners to communicate its commitment to openness and its comprehensive cloud solution strategies.

In Mitaka, the 13th official OpenStack release, Huawei contributed significantly to the following community projects: Keystone, Nova, Glance, Neutron, Cinder, Swift, Ceilometer, Heat, Ironic, Dragonflow, and Magnum.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

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