AT&T's Ford: ECOMP Getting Great Reception

Two months after AT&T released details of its approach to transforming its OSS/BSS approach as a prelude to possibly putting it into open source, Toby Ford says industry response has been positive and strong to ECOMP. But, he adds, the decision whether to release it into open source hasn't yet been made.

jayakd0 6/7/2016 | 8:59:48 AM
Re: Openness, is it not a mindset? Code should be a default contribution and is definitely the effort of the developers from the contributing organisation with definite $s associated with it. There could also be many other ways to contribute like setting up test beds (with open access to the community), recognising the top contributions (from outside, especially freelancers) in the community etc. etc.
cnwedit 6/7/2016 | 7:01:02 AM
Re: Openness, is it not a mindset? The telecom operators most engaged with open source, such as AT&T, are investing their dollars in the process, not just by sharing code but by devoting teams of developers to the process. To what kind of profit-sharing do you refer?
jayakd0 6/6/2016 | 10:43:32 PM
Openness, is it not a mindset? Interesting to see how AT&T is embracing open source fast, putting into production and becoming the pace setter while some of its big competitors are still sceptical of the new open source wave! 

Hope the beneficiaries of open source, give back to this community not only code but a small portion of their profits to accelerate the innovation process and democratrization of technology development!
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