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ECI Completes NFV Security Solution Development

PETACH TIKVA, Israel -- ECI Telecom, a global provider of next-generation, elastic network solutions, announced today that the company has completed the development of its new NFV cyber security solution, originally announced in late 2014. The NFV solution is designed to provide telecom networks with comprehensive cyber security services, without forklift upgrades or additional physical devices. Using an integrated server, the NFV cyber solution enables networks to easily and seamlessly activate different cyber applications. One of the applications, crafted in partnership with Check Point Software Technologies, delivers best-of-breed firewall, IPSec, SCADA FW, DPI and application control.

The NFV security solution is part of ECI's LightSec product suite, which also includes the LightSec-V (LightSec Viewer), an aggregated web-based threat management system for managing all cyber security threats, whether detected by ECI or third party solutions. The NFV solution will be available shortly for proof of concept through ECI’s cyber solutions division.

"The LightSec solution is one of the most comprehensive cyber security solutions available on the market. It is built to secure all levels of the network from layer 1 through 7, in a modular add-on architecture which works seamlessly on ECI’s equipment as well as standalone platforms in multivendor environments,” said Mr. Yuval Illuz, general manager of ECI’s cyber solutions division. “We've had great success trialing our other cyber offerings over the past months. We are confident that the NFV solution will achieve the same results, and look forward to working in concert with select global ECI customers interested in benefiting early on from this new cyber security technology."

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