Highlights From the 2020 Vision Executive Summit

In December 2014, Light Reading brought together telecom executives in Reykjavik, Iceland to discuss their vision for high-capacity networks through the end of the decade. The intimate, interactive meeting was set against the backdrop of Iceland's spectacular natural beauty. As one of the event's founding sponsors, Cisco's Doug Webster shared his company's strategy in a presentation during the event.

PatKelly 1/22/2015 | 8:11:11 AM
Junket Transformation Iceland in the depths of winter...transforming the junket experience!
Susan Fourtané 1/21/2015 | 8:56:21 PM
Transformational Very nice video. 

This summit has probably been the coolest in the industry so far. Because, who else could have thought of Iceland to host a telecom executive summit? :) 

"A life translformational experience." I like that. It's no doubt that's a great reason for chosing Iceland to host a summit that intends to achieve transformational results for service providers and everyone else involved in the telecom industry.

Providing value through services and transforming network architecture not only will prove to be beneficial to service providers but also to customers. At the end of the day, everyone wins.

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