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Reports of NFV's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

While critics threw shade on NFV last year, support grows for the virtualization technology.

Telstra Joins the Cloud-Native Club

Australian telco has worked with Ericsson to deploy a cloud-native packet core for 4G and 5G.

Aryaka Expands Its SD-WAN Arsenal

SD-WAN specialist launches suite of 'SmartServices' and introduces a regional connectivity option to complement its global network.

Eurobites: Nokia Puts Its Network Functions on Amazon's Cloud

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: ETSI releases security specs; Virgin Media reacts to Labour's broadband plan; BT introduces the 5G ambulance.

Ribbon Reels in ECI, Offloads CEO

No wonder investors have panicked – Ribbon waves goodbye to its CEO as it announces an unexpected merger with transport network equipment specialist ECI Telecom. But why?

Verizon's Cantor on Multi-Tenant uCPE

Verizon's Oliver Cantor says enterprise customers are looking to run their own applications on the universal CPE servers that house the operator's virtual network functions.

VMware Unveils 'Project Maestro' to Speed Network Virtualization

VMware wants to help telcos launch services faster in multi-cloud environments.

Arista Tackles Cloud Networking

Arista takes its turn trying to make deploying networks as fast and easy as rolling out cloud applications.

From Virtualization to Containerization

A new set of NFV challenges is emerging as operators plan the shift towards cloud-native applications and a container-based strategy.

Red Hat Sprucing OpenShift for Network Functions on Kubernetes

Red Hat readies its Kubernetes platform, OpenShift, for network functions.

SUSE Dumps OpenStack

The open source vendor is giving up its OpenStack business to focus on application delivery.

AT&T's Wheelus: From Mechanization to Automation

Much of what's talked about as automation is actually mechanization, says AT&T's Amy Wheelus, and the distinction is key as telcos head into the 5G world.

GSMA Seeks Way to Boost RAN Vendor Options

The industry body is concerned at the small number of radio access network (RAN) system vendors and is looking at ways to address that scarcity, says executive.

Smokey & the NFV Bandit

NFV has many naysayers, but it's alive, kicking and thriving, with SD-WAN as a significant catalyst.

Deconstructing the Telco Cloud

The term 'telco cloud' is used often, but it can mean different things to different people.

VMware Takes On Radio Networks

VMware is launching tools for radio network optimization, based on its Uhana acquisition, and also upgrading its OpenStack infrastructure support.

VMware Rejects False Choice of Kubernetes vs. Virtual Machines

VMware plans to embed Kubernetes support into its vSphere virtual server software, part of VMware Tanzu, a Kubernetes portfolio.

Podcast: SES Networks Takes ONAP Sky-High

The satellite network operator is looking to the Open Networking Automaton Platform (ONAP) to automate connecting its space-based network with terrestrial operators.

SES Takes ONAP to the Final Frontier

SES Networks is using Amdocs to implement the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) on Microsoft Azure, to allow its telco customers to seamlessly extend to SES's satellite service.

BT Taps Canonical OpenStack for Cloud-Native 5G Network

BT is using Canonical OpenStack on Ubuntu Linux to move its global network to a cloud-native, microservices architecture.

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