NFOEC in Pictures

BALTIMORE – NFOEC – Sticky weather, stingy investors, and a stifled economy: Such was the backdrop of the National Fiber Optic Engineers (NFOEC) conference here in Baltimore, which brought together more than 350 companies and 15,000 people from the optical networking industry.

The mood at the NFOEC trade show was very subdued compared to last August's show, held in Denver, when Nasdaq was enjoying better days.

Despite the less-than-picture-perfect economy, our NFOEC experience yielded some pretty good pictures. And the mood lightened up considerably once a few beers had gone down at the Light Reading party.

Check it out:

Here are some startup companies we visited last year at NFOEC The Light Reading booth doubles as a mobile newsroom when no one's around. (L to R: John Keough, Pauline Rigby, Peter Heywood, Steve Saunders and Scott Raynovich) And just what were they expecting us to fill the magazine bin with? We're a Web site, for gosh sakes Try to spot the Morgenthaler VC at Morgenthaler's cocktail party for itsportfolio companies. (Hint: They never showed up.) But wait, is that Carl Ripken Jr.? Nope, it's actually Isadore Katz, CEO of Lightchip. Uh-oh. We're not supposed to be taking this picture, are we? Look! An unauthorized photo from the NFOEC trade show floor! Naughty! Some Metro-Optix folks stagger over to Light Reading's party at the Capital City Brewing Company. Why are they so blue? This group at the Light Reading party still thinks the words After a few pints, even the stealth companies start getting rowdy. (L to R: Steve Saunders, Founding Editor of Light Reading; John-Paul Mattia, CTO of Electronics, Big Bear Networks; behind Mattia was Accel Partners' Peter Wagner, making a stealthy exit.) Our work here is done. - Phil Harvey, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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