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Cypress Semiconductor's Ayama 10000, the industry’s largest TCAM-based network search engine, achieves 266M searches per second

June 30, 2003

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SAN JOSE -- Cypress Semiconductor has just announced that it is sampling the AyamaTM 10000 NSE family of network search engines (NSEs), optimised for multi-protocol packet classification and forwarding at 266 million searches per second (MSPS), effectively doubling the search performance of existing NSE (MSPS).solutions. Designed to work with both ASICs and FPGAs, the Ayama 10000 NSE family enables network infrastructurenetworking vendors to rapidlyquickly deploy equipment that supports complex packet search capabilities with maximum design flexibility and minimum time to wire-speeds of 10 Gbps and beyond.

In Internet routers and switches, NSE search subsystems accelerate packet processing by offloading search functions from the network processorprocessing ASIC or FPGA. With the explosive growth of the Internet, routers need to execute forwarding and policy searches: determining destinations, service levels, billing and other parameters for a data stream that includes a number of different data types and protocolsall of it streaming by at up to 10 Gbps. This is well beyond the capability of current software/FPGA solutions and is only possible using advanced NSEs such as the Ayama 10000.

“At both the enterprise and service provider level, customers are demanding new services such as multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), “With the fast growth of Internet traffic, routing tables are growing at exponential rates,”

“In addition, the emergence and adoption of complex applications such as virtual private networks (VPNs), voice over IP (VoIP), multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), and others have stringent QoS and class of service (CoS) requirements that require deep packet processing. These two factors, combined with increasingly rapid data transmission protocols such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet, dictate the 200+ MSPS speed requirements that only Ayama 10000 NSE devices provide.”

“Cypress’ new Ayama 10000 NSE family is well suited for next-generation packet processing subsystems,” said Betsy Van Hees, senior memory analyst for market research firm iSuppli Corp., El Segundo, Calif.. “The issues they address are speed and complexity. Offloading the search function is a requirement at 10 Gbps to maintain wire-speeds. At 266 MSPS, Cypress’s CYNSE10512 is the highest performing NSE in the market.”

“Cypress’ new Ayama 10000 NSE family is changing the way system designers think about their search subsystem,” said Betsy Van Hees, senior memory analyst for market research firm iSuppli Corp., El Segundo, Calif. “By offloading the search function, they are able to offer additional services at increasing wire-speeds. Cypress’s 266 MSPS performance keeps up with current and future search system requirements.”

The Ayama 10000 NSE family features the CYNSE10512, an ultra-high-density 512K entry (18 Mbit) NSE with high performance (266 MSPS) and low power. In addition, the NSE family includes the 256K-entry (9 Mbit) CYNSE10256 and 128K-entry (4.5 Mbit) CYNSE10128. The Ayama 10000 NSE family is an ideal solution for applications that require large routing tables, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as wire-speed packet processing. The family is backward compatible with Cypress’s industry leading NSE70000 family. Designed to work with ASICs and FPGAs, the Ayama 10000 NSE family includes a full ternary content-addressable memory (CAM) array with per-bit masking. This enables it to efficiently accomplish a variety of searches for applications ranging from packet forwarding to complex multi-protocol classification.

At 266 MSPS, the Ayama 10000 NSE more than doubles the performance of existing NSEs in the market today. Its advanced Mini-KeyTM power management capability dramatically reduces power consumption as much as 70% by engaging only the portion of the NSE array that contains entries of interest. In addition, the Ayama 10000 NSE’s Soft PriorityTM table management feature helps maintain data integrity at wire speeds by enabling dynamic prioritisation of entries for longest prefix match (LPM) in Layer 3 forwarding applications, eliminating the latency associated with routing table updates. Parity at the core and I/O provides protection to ensure data integrity throughout the search subsystem.

Cypress’s new software platform, CynapseTM SP, offers a wide variety of tools to complement the Ayama 10000 NSE family’s new hardware features. Cypress provides a reference design kit (RDK) to aid in the design-in process and reduce time-to-market for system designers. Its contents include application notes, FPGA reference code, hardware and software behavioral models, device models (IBIS and BSDL), and schematic and layout symbols.

All devices in the Ayama 10000 NSE family are sampling now. Pricing for the 512K x 36-bit CYNSE10512 starts at $275, the 256K x 36-bit CYNSE10256 starts at $135, and the 128K x 36-bit CYNSE10128 starts at $75 for 10k unit quantities. All three devices are available in 388-ball BGA packages.

Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

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