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Netgear's Indoor Speeding

Wireless LAN SOHO kitmaker Netgear Inc. has introduced souped-up 802.11g access points and cards that it claims can transfer data at a blazing 108 Mbit/s, using proprietary technology developed by chipmaker Atheros Communications.

Users who want that kind of speed will need to ensure they use both the Netgear WGT624 wireless firewall router and the WG511T PC card (or another access point or card with a suitable Atheros chipset inside). Otherwise, they'll be dawdling at 54 Mbit/s (802.11g) or even -- bleurgh -- 11 Mbit/s (when connecting to 802.11b access points).

But hold on a cotton-pickin' second, wonders Unstrung: Aren't the type of users that buy Netgear kit likely to be hooking it up to a wired DSL connection anyway? Meaning they are only likely to get data transfer rates of around 1 Mbit/s coming into the home anyway, and creating a big bad bottleneck into the bargain.

Vivek Pathela, director of product marketing at Netgear, says the additional bandwidth isn't there to enable faster downloads over the Internet but to ensure smoother transfers between unwired computers inside the user's domestic haven. "The high-speed connection is really within the home," Pathela says.

Pathela anticipates that users will need the additional bandwidth when transferring things like digital music [ed. note: cough, cough] and video [ed. note: you catch my drift, do yer?] between machines in the home.

Netgear's new boxes are expected to go on sale in September. The wireless firewall router will cost around around $150, and the card will run ya $90 or so.

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung
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