Net Neutrality

WATCH: Taiwanese Animators Skewer Net Neutrality

Taiwan-based Next Media Animation has turned its satirical eye on the US net neutrality decision. It's the best video you've seen today featuring the President of the United States dressed like an ancient Greek warrior.

The group, previously best known for videos such as this about a dramatic resignation by a JetBlue flight attendant, recently delivered "Net Neutrality: FCC and Obama take the Internet back to the 1930s."

The video features US President Barack Obama as a puppetmaster, pulling the strings on FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. It criticizes the FCC for avoiding Congressional oversight.

Net neutrality advocates -- represented by Reddit alien mascots -- celebrate by relieving themselves on business-suit-wearing avatars representing major service providers. "But skeptics are not so sure, saying a clueless government body will now regulate an industry that was largely fine on its own," says the video.

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Donald Trump and the Trojan Horse put in an appearance, along with a buff Obama dressed like a warrior from the movie 300.

"Although not perfect, Internet access today is largely unfettered thanks to market competitors keeping each other in check," the video says (with suitable gladiatorial combat animations).

Watch the whole thing here, with English subtitles:

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Joe Stanganelli 3/9/2015 | 10:58:03 PM
Re: lol @Mitch: Remember the days when we got really really mad at the porn fiend next door for streaming tons of videos, causing our own costs to go up and bandwidth to go down?

But now that more of us want video, we're on that guy's side.

Funny how that works.
Joe Stanganelli 3/9/2015 | 10:56:31 PM
Re: lol To be fair, though, many of the rabid nn supporters CAN'T explain it worth a lick (see, e.g., Tumblr's David Karp).  Would have liked to see a Karp-like character in the sketch.
Duh! 3/9/2015 | 12:04:43 PM
Re: lol The SNL sketch almost nailed it, but not enough angst.  Nobody proclaiming the immenent end of the Internet as we know it.   Vincent (sic) Cerf "mansplaining" net neutrality is the right touch of absurdity. 

Obviously, NBC is not required to toe the party line.  Otherwise, the SNL sketch would look more like the Taiwanese animators'.
Mitch Wagner 3/9/2015 | 10:59:29 AM
Re: lol Good sketch. And you're right. It's a good explanation -- sort of. 

Net neutrality is about preserving the ability for people to get what they want on the Internet when they want it. Even if it's what that guy wants. 

Here's the sketch.
Joe Stanganelli 3/7/2015 | 11:52:06 PM
lol lol @ the reddit avatars.

Also going viral with that video is the recent SNL net neutrality sketch...which, at the end, offers the best defense to net neutrality I personally have ever heard.
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