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NCTA Files Stay Vs. FCC With D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Statement of NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell Regarding Partial Stay Filing with D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

{Background: Today, NCTA and other associations and companies representing a wide array of broadband providers filed a consolidated petition with the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to stay the effectiveness of the FCC’s decision to reclassify broadband Internet access service as a Title II common carrier service. The joint motion is attached.}

“Today, we have joined with other parties in seeking to stay the FCC’s decision to reclassify broadband as a common carrier service. Such relief is necessary to avoid the serious and substantial harms that service providers and consumers alike will bear if the FCC is allowed to subject the modern Internet to this antiquated regulatory regime. In seeking this relief, we are mindful that a stay need not upset the FCC’s net neutrality rules that prohibit Internet blocking, throttling and paid prioritization. We hope that the court will move swiftly to grant effective relief, and that Congress will soon act to provide clear authority and needed direction as to the scope of appropriate open Internet protections.

National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

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