Nader Courts Jerk Vote

10:15 AM -- Unable to rest content as a mere sports fan, Ralph Nader has founded, as is his wont, a sports fan advocacy group, League of Fans, again anticipating just what the world needs.

There he weighs in on the case of Schmuck v Philadelphia Eagles:

    There is no question that Terrell Owens' comments have been boorish and unwarranted. However, the comments were just that -- comments. It should be the policy of the Eagles and the National Football League, as well as other sports teams and leagues, that players not be punished merely for what they say. There is a great tradition in this country of respecting free speech, and the Eagles and NFL should express those values in handling even churlish speech...
Thanks, Ralph. Think I'll go tell the boss to bite me. Maybe vomit on his desk... You got my back, right?

— Larry, Attack Churl, League of Monkeys

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