MTV: Show Me the $

3:00 PM -- MTV Networks says that about 1 billion people worldwide can access its content from mobile phones thanks to about 100 deals with mobile operators worldwide, according to Dan Whiley, commercial vice president at MTV Networks International. "But the problem is... the commercial VP isn't seeing the money," he said, speaking at the Mobile TV World Summit, organized by Informa plc , in London today.

"It's great content; it's what people want, but how do we turn that into cash?" he said.

He claimed that MTV made more money in four months from iTunes downloads in the U.K. than it has from all of the video-on-demand deals it has had with mobile operators across Europe. And he wants to know why that is, considering that the video content is virtually the same.

He reckons the problems have to do with mobile operators' complex content service prices and complicated service offerings. He says consumers need to know simply: "What can you get? How do you get it? And how much will it cost?"

MTV already does make money from mobile. Whiley says that 30 percent of MTV's digital revenues come from things like ringtones and games bought from mobile phones. "But we want that video component to become so much bigger."

— Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Unstrung

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