Motorola Once Again Reshuffles Business Units

With its second quarter financial results scheduled to be reported Thursday, Motorola (NYSE: MOT) on Monday announced a restructuring of various units in its latest effort to find a formula for success. Motorola said it will split its Home & Networks Mobility group into three separate businesses.

The company, whose flagship handset unit has been losing market share at a rapid rate, has been rearranging its businesses to attract potential buyers. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who has a substantial investment in Motorola, has been agitating for the communications company to sell some operations, because he and many investors believe the company will be worth more broken up than intact.

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— W. David Gardner, InformationWeek
eurichardson 12/5/2012 | 3:35:37 PM
re: Motorola Once Again Reshuffles Business Units
It is becoming very apparent that the current CEO, Greg Brown, has no clue about what should be done to straighten things out at Motorola. It looks he is completely lost - while the handset division continues to bleed, he continues to make these cosmetic changes. Over time, he will split up Motorola into several parts and sell each one off just to please Carl Icahn. This will be a tragic end to an iconic company that has been part of the American/world corporate landscape for such a long time.