Motorola, Juniper Team on Modular CMTS

In what might be called the anti-Cisco cable alliance of the NGNA world, Motorola and Juniper Networks are pairing up to create a modular cable modem termination system (CMTS). The two cable tech vendors announced plans Mon. to collaborate on a next-generation modular CMTS (M-CMTS), a critical part of CableLabs' emerging DOCSIS 3.0 specification that grew out of the cable industry's Next Generation Network Architecture (NGNA) project. Juniper and Motorola said they will focus on developing solutions that would enable cable operators to deliver IP-based data, voice, video and on-demand services to subscribers efficiently and cost-effectively. They also are looking to provide robust network security and policy management tools, as well as a migration path to IPv6. If Cisco feels threatened by the Motorola-Juniper alliance, it's trying hard not to show it. The CMTS industry leader argued that the collaboration "validates" that major MSOs are "open to evaluating technologies and vendors to help them offer cutting-edge services." Cisco also claimed that the alliance "signifies" that it "can stand on its own two feet" by offering M-CMTS systems around the world.
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